MEAN Stack Developer

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    United States

    Job description
    Role & responsibilities

    Be an expert in Angular and MEAN stack peripheral technologies.

    We are not taking mid-level or juniors at this time.

    Able to work over a remote connection like Teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop
    Fluent English comprehension and oration (easy to understand over the phone)
    Eager to put the needs of the team above your own and take the initiative
    Must work at least 40 hours a week M-F (missed hours decrease rate)
    Be On Call for technical queries from 9 am - 5 pm CST
    Must be okay with our time-tracking software
    Participate in a 1 month's probationary period
    Good and stable internet connection
    Meet the team for daily standups
    Keep a Work Log in Google Docs
    Biweekly payroll

    Preferred candidate profile

    Highly communicative, expert in Angular and Node who knows how to take the initiative in a startup environment. Sees challenges as a way to grow and wants to grow with the company long-term.

    Perks and benefits

    Learning opportunities from Enterprise level codebases, systems, and developers
    Get in at the ground level of a company with limitless potential and fun projects
    High earnings potential, no maximum on your total number of hours per week
    We have eliminated the painful need to estimate Jira stories within our SDLC
    10 days accumulating annual PTO after 3 months with the company
    Get noticed and rewarded bi-weekly for being a top contributor
    Overtime (25% rate increase) is available for overachievers
    1000% Remote work, forever
    Work on your own time