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  • | Machine Learning Engineer | San Francisco, Hybrid | $180k to $230k plus equity turns research papers and textbooks into audio, so students can listen on the go.

    We're growing very fast, with 10,000+ subscribers from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and UC Berkeley.

    We’re hiring a machine learning engineer. The role entails:

    * Experience with training models, implementing research papers, and coming up with novel model designs.

    * Deep experience with PyTorch, Tensorflow, CUDA, etc is a must.

    * Understanding how attention heads, convolutional networks, etc operate is important.

    * These experiences are a plus but not required: --- training LLMs from scratch --- Working with audio models --- Working with vision models --- Experience making models run efficiently is a plus but not required (quantization, pruning, distillation, etc) --- Experience with model hosting and deployment is also a plus but not required

    The role is 50% remote, 50% in person.

    To apply, please email Include your resume, and mention that you're in the San Francisco bay area.