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  • Work for free, change the internet

    Looking for probably someone with a few years behind them, maybe 40s or older, who already has made money and had successes. Someone who is somewhat rebellious. Someone who doesn't just accept what's there. Someone with a little free time on their hands, a few hours per week at least. Someone who's a good coder, understands coding websites with cross-site integration, regular but good php, javascript, html, etc. Someone who has integrity.

    The internet is bad now mostly because of tools which aren't in people's hands because they don't exist.

    You don't have to believe I've come up with several, but I have, over the past several years. On a couple of them, I paid coders to develop them, and got to a decent point of development, but they all have bugs and small things to change, which my coder just drifted on and never actually fixed for months until I fired him. I'm fine with how I spent my time and money working on these, but this wasn't the way to do it. I need a partner, not an employee.

    I don't care about money and am fine working on this without making any. However, I can't complete these things because I don't have coding experience or the time to learn coding (and I'm not a coder by birth. If I had to learn to code to do these I'll just leave them and never do them.)

    I have no tech connections. I don't live in a place where there are tech people.