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  • EmergeX | 100% Remote | Full Time / Contract | Generative AI / NLP Engineer | $120k - $208k

    EmergeX is looking to hire a developer with experience building complex things using bleeding edge AI toolkits. This role will initially be contract-based but can develop into a staff position.

    We're working on a genuinely novel problem using a patented methodology proved out 30 years ago, which couldn't go further because of the technological limitations at the time. Our approach reaches far beyond computer science and LLMs in that we're marrying concepts from domains like evolutionary biology, cognitive science, semiotics, philosophy of mind and neuroscience to harness the emergent power of today's AI ecosystem and beyond.


    -Have implemented something serious using some of the new generative AI-based tools and stacks

    -Can write, ship and maintain healthy Python as your day-to-day work.

    -Are thinking about the limitations and comparative benefits of Vector RAG, Knowledge graph RAG and finetuning.

    -(optional)Have knowledge in or curiosity about classical NLP and are excited by philosophical discussions, computational cognitive science or the idea of building an AI being


    -At EmergeX, we foster an open and encouraging culture.

    -We value smart, driven individuals who aren't afraid to think divergently or voice critiques.

    If you're passionate about AI and eager to make a significant impact in the field, we'd love to hear from you.

    Apply here:

    Feel free to get in touch: ari[at]