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  • KAEDIM | In-person @ San Francisco, US or London, UK | Full-Time | Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Customer Support Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Revenue Ops

    We are an AI startup building Machine Learning algorithms to turn images into 3D models. Using our AI and in-house art team, we have the most accurate, game-ready 2d → 3d asset generation pipeline. Currently, we are offering a 5-10x speed up to 3D asset creation pipelines of 200+ game developers and we are working with partners like Voodoo, Upland, Azra Games.

    We are B2B SaaS in the intersection of art/games x technology.




    * Resilience, can-do attitude * Very hard-working mentality * Extreme accountability * Want to be part of a founding team, work in the office 5 days a week

    You can apply by emailing recruiting[at]kaedim3d[dot]com, if that sounds like you!

    Please send us your CV/GitHub and short answers to the following questions: - [ ] What have you done in the past that can be considered as evidence of exceptional ability? - [ ] Tell us about a time that you most successfully hacked some computer/non-computer system to your advantage. - [ ] Why is what we are building interesting to you? - [ ] Are you currently based out of San Francisco or London? - [ ] Do you want to work in the office 5 days a week?