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  • Palisade Research | ML Research Engineer | ONSITE | Berkeley, CA | VISA

    We research dangerous AI capabilities to better understand misuse risks of current systems, and how advances in hacking, deception, and persuasion will affect the risk of catastrophic AI outcomes.

    See the full job ad and application here:

    We plan to study emerging dangerous capabilities in both open source and API-gated models across automated hacking, spear phishing and deception, and scalable disinformation.

    We are looking for people who excel at: - Working with language models, which includes supervised fine-tuning, using reward models/functions (RLHF/RLAIF), building scaffolding (e.g. in the style of AutoGPT), and prompt engineering / jailbreaking. - Software engineering. Alongside working with LMs, much of the work you do will benefit from a strong foundation in software engineering—such as when designing APIs, working with training data, or doing front-end development. - Technical communication. By writing papers, blog posts, and internal documents; and by speaking with the team and external collaborators about your research.

    Salary: We’re offering between 150,000 - 250,000 USD, depending on your skill and experience, plus healthcare.